How Preventive Maintenance Saves Money All Year

PreferredAir-ACTuneUpYou wouldn’t view oil changes for your car as an unnecessary expense, and preventive maintenance for your heating and cooling systems should be no different. Your energy bills show just how hard these systems work to keep you comfortable all year. By keeping your HVAC systems in top shape with preventive maintenance, you can reduce your energy bills, reduce the risk of emergency repairs, and prolong your systems’ lives.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance saves you money in the following three ways:

  • Lower energy bills: As your HVAC system works hard to keep you comfortable, parts slowly wear out, become dirty, or shift slightly. These things are rarely noticeable, but each can slightly reduce energy efficiency and add to your energy bills. Correcting these issues during preventive maintenance ensures that your energy bills will be as low as possible.
  • Reduced repairs: Even though most heating and air conditioning problems are only noticed when a system suddenly isn’t cooling or heating anymore, the problems almost always started long before that. A single worn or misaligned part can put stress on the system and lead to a major repair being needed if the problem isn’t corrected. If the problem is found early during preventive maintenance, it will almost always be able to be fixed cheaply and without paying emergency service rates.
  • Longer system life: No matter how reliable a heating or cooling system is, there will come a time when age will catch up to it. Taking care of it while it is new will help its parts last as long as possible and delay the time when it will be cheaper to replace it than to continue to repair it.

What a Scheduled Maintenance Agreement Provides

When you sign up for a scheduled maintenance agreement, you get a spring AC tune-up and fall heater tune-up for one low annual rate. During these tune-ups, your systems will be thoroughly inspected to ensure all parts are in top shape, fluid levels are correct, and filters and coils are clean. Any adjustments needed to get back to maximum energy efficiency will be made, and if repairs are found to be needed, discounted priority service will be provided.

To sign up for a scheduled maintenance agreement in the Delray, FL, area, contact Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC

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