The Link Between Indoor Humidity and Indoor Temperature

With a modern, self-regulating heating and AC climate control system, you may be spared from having to worry about indoor moisture levels. As long as your system works effectively and there are no other factors that contribute to excess indoor humidity, you will be able to manage indoor temperatures and comfort. The moisture levels in your Delray Beach, Florida, home can affect indoor comfort and indoor air quality in various ways.

Understanding Indoor Humidity

The Humidity level can be too high or too low. With high humidity, the high levels of moisture in the air make your home feel stuffy and even warmer. Low indoor humidity, common in the winter months, makes the air feel thin and dry. In both cases, it feels uncomfortable and can be bad for your health.

In our area, where we spend much of the year battling warm temperatures, high humidity is the more common problem. High humidity can have a profound effect on indoor comfort, even when air temperatures are ideal.

What Are The Signs of Unhealthy Humidity Levels?

If your Palm Beach or Port St. Lucie home is too dry, you are likely to experience static shocks, nosebleeds, dry skin, an inflamed respiratory tract, an irritated throat and dry, itchy eyes. Over time, these symptoms can put you at risk for flu, colds, and other unpleasant conditions.

A home that is too humid can be even worse. Allergies can kick in and asthma attacks are likely as breathing becomes more difficult. Heat stroke is also possible if the problem isn’t resolved soon.

Humid conditions indoors encourage the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and mold. Besides being a health hazard, high humidity also rots wood, makes wallpaper peel, warps floors, and damages woodwork.

Managing Humidity Levels

Moisture levels of 30-60 percent are what most people find comfortable. Ideal levels are around 50 percent in summer and 35 percent in winter. The easiest way to monitor indoor humidity levels is with an inexpensive instrument called a hygrometer.

To improve comfort and control indoor humidity contact your local indoor air quality experts at Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC today at (561) 202-1422 in Palm Beach.

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